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Bang up-to-date data from NATS Aeronautical Information Publication (eAIP) supplemented with reviews and additional contacts provided by, and for, drone operators from across the UK

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Please help other drone operators by leaving a review for any ATCs you've dealt with. We'd love it if you'd include alternative contact info or the name of a helpful person in the ATC if you know of any.


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ATC Advisor is updated direct from NATS eAIP when they release a new version on their 28 day AIRAC release schedule.

If you're denied access to FRZ airspace by an ATC you should
report it to the CAA via this form →

Please have a look at CAP722C before approaching an ATC for permission. Theses are the most relevant bits...

"The establishment of an airspace restriction means that the sponsor is responsible for managing it, and not that the sponsor ‘owns’ it; airspace is a State asset. There should be no reason for a Sponsor to charge for access to airspace for UAS. Whilst some burden of work may exist in processing applications for UAS access to airspace, it is envisaged that this will not require an undue burden on the Sponsor and should incur negligible time or cost.

Any such cost should not be passed on to UAS operators, or manned aviation operators - in the case of an airspace restriction which facilitates UAS flight by restricting manned aviation."

Airspace Access Charging
Section 3.2 CAP722C

"[...] Before issuing a permission to operate within an FRZ, aerodromes and space sites are encouraged to ensure that the operator is in possession of a valid Operator ID, and that the remote pilot is in possession of suitable pilot competence. Further guidance on these requirements, and enforcement, can be found in CAP 1974 [...]

Aerodromes and space sites may establish standing agreements with UAS operators if this is appropriate, which would not require individual permissions to be issued for each operation. This may be the case for local UAS flying groups or model aircraft clubs, located within the FRZ. [...]"

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Polite notice: The contact details below are not for an ATC, they are for the operators of this website. You'd be surprised by how many calls and emails we get requesting clearance to fly a drone in a FRZ! I'm afraid we can't help with that, you'll have to contact ATC direct. We honestly don't have any additional contact information for the; everything we have is published above.

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